Today is the last day of classes. To be honest I’m really not that excited. I’ve been doing the same thing for 14 years, school then summer, school then summer, it’s all the same to me and it’s just not exciting anymore. But I am happy that I don’t have to go to classes anymore. So I failed English comp 2….and hopefully I passes math >.> it was really difficult guys, I didn’t have anyone to prepare me for this. High school certainly didn’t…


School’s been getting more stressful. Exams are coming up, essays are blowing our minds. And for some reason, most people, even our friends, are being jerks!!! But that’s okay because it’s the stress talking. I think it would do us all some good to take a few steps back and really think about what’s going on. Shape yourselves up! Study some and then Take some time out to hang with friends as a break. It’s important to allow for your mind to process what you just studied.


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Journal #i don’t even know anymore…HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while and I’m pretty sure my grade is now suffering because I haven’t been doing these blogs. Anywho„ this week has been crazy! I dyed my hair, and my roommates hair(virgin hair) but it was sooo much fun. I had to drop a class that I was failing but that’s okay because it won’t show up as an F and this way I can focus on my other classes more effectively now. I have a great spring break a few weeks ago(like I said, it’s been a while lol) hung out with my old friends and took a spontaneous road trip up to North Carolina :D it. Was. Amazing!!!! And trying to post more about what’s going on. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Journal #6

This Post is actually an assignment today:

Here’s the video that i had to watch::

It was actually very entertaining, i watched it more than once lol

Do you agree with Mr. Sivers? Yes i do, i believe that it takes more than just the initial first person to stand up. it takes the second person to make it known and help the leader.

Which one of the characters in the video are you? I am the second person to get up there with the leader. I don’t always have the guts to stand up by myself and take the lead but you better believe that i will usually always be the second person to help out the leader. I’m like the aid in the process and i like that position. “Second chair has all the perks of first chain minus all the responsibility” ;) Band quotes from High school.


Journal # 5

So i missed last weeks entry, sorry, i got caught up with school work and completely forgot all about this Dx yes, i know, bad! But this i the one making up for last week. Nothing very much exciting happened last week. I wrote a speech, and a 4 page paper. I gave the speech and got a B, awesome lol the paper, ehh…C. But whatever. The only new thing that’s been happening which is actually so recent that you could say it happened yesterday >.> *hint hint* i thought about it yesterday. I have decided to try being Vegan. Not because of animal cruelty(its bad but not enough to make me want to stop eating it) no, i simply want to try something new and i feel that it will be good for me to try this ^-^ I don’t very much care for meat anyway, never have lol


Journal #4

So there’s this band that’s just getting started at my university. They are amazing: East of Rinker is their name and one day they’re going to be famous, no doubt. Every day i get to observe people and get to know them. lately I’ve been thinking about what i was like in grade school; how i acted, how other people acted and what’s changed since then. It’s really crazy thinking about it all and being able to be a part of something new, especially being friends with these guys and knowing that i get the privileged to see something amazing be born <3 God is always watching and i hope he’s proud of what he’s created.


Journal #3

This Friday is coffeehouse and oh my goodness I am excited for it! I wanted to sing at it but unfortunately I couldn’t. Maybe next month!!! I just love seeing how expressive a lot it people at PBA are! Somebody’s always riding around on a longboard or carrying a surfboard. Some people wear the strangest things and I just admire those people for being able to express themselves. Coffeehouse is just another way for people to show of their talents ^_^ singing, playing an instrument, or even reading some original spoken word :D I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for us tonight!


Journal #2

Today I walked to City Place from my school. It wasn’t a far walk. I visited a friends at the place they work and then found a bench to sit after I had visited. I sat there for just over an hour and people watched. I turned to my right and, there, somebody had placed a piano. Just one piano for all and anyone to play if they so chose to. well, I sat there on that bench watching and waiting for someone to play it. There were 11 that did. it consisted of children and adults that you could tell had some sort of disability. They actually weren’t that bad. In fact, there was one child that was absolutely incredible! I just sat there enjoying the sounds they created and admiring their courage that they had to sit down at all. But that child who played…I had sat there over an hour praying for something amazing to happen…he was who I was waiting for. He made people listen. And then he was gone, and again I waited. And another child came and played “imagine” by John Lennon. Then another man; He played for only about 30 seconds but it was very beautiful. Then the first guy came back and sat down to play again. He had a noticeable disability but he just wasn’t afraid to play. He didn’t fear people or what they would think of him. He wasn’t afraid to make a mistake. Some people stopped and starred at the piano, then walked away. Most didn’t acknowledge it. It’s just the most serious thing people are. 11 people had the courage to play…Hundreds had the audacity to judge.

~Alex Willson